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Newton British School House Points

Every child at Newton British School is part of a team house. The houses are Bell, Curie, Edison and Wright. The houses are named after people who invented. These inventions changed the world, just like Sir Isaac Newton. Newton British School carries the name of Newton proudly and encourages all children to be the next Wright, Edison, Curie or Bell.

House Points for this week
Mr Mustoe and the House Captains were in the desert this week and so it was the turn of the Deputy House Captains to tell us the exciting news about house points this week.

Edison are still out in the lead with an impressive 2499 points, but Wright are not far behind with 2345, with Curie only a little bit behind with 2263 and its still not too late for Bell as they now have an impressive 2126 points. So with only 373 points difference from 1st to 4th it is still all happening in the race for the house cup.

So keep checking back as the race hots up towards the final part of the term where the winner of the house cup will be announced.