Newton British School - Al Waab

Foundation Stage Class Awards for March 25th 2010

The children who won the class awards in Foundation Stage this week have worked really hard and richly deserve these awards.  The teachers really enjoy giving these awards and I am sure that theyt could easily give two or three awards each week. A very well done to all the children who have been awarded a certificate this week.

Class Awards and House Points

Key Stage One Awards for the week - 25th March 2010

In Key Stage One children have to make a special effort to get a class award. You have only to see the faces of the children who have won to see what it means to be picked by the class teacher for an award. The children love coming to the front in the assembly and being recognised by the whole school. Well done to all of them.

Key Stage Two Class Awards for this week - 25th March 2010

The children in Key Stage Two are no different from those in other year groups in terms of reward. Far from the compeition calming down as the children get older, it actually hots up. The children enjoy the competition with each other as we would all expect. They also enjoy the interaction that is needed with the class teacher in order to gain an award. The class teachers enjoy giving the award as well but on a Wednesday afternoon it is a hard job to decide which child deserves the award for the week.

House Points and House Point Certificates

Children from Key Stage One with their certificates
The acheivement of getting a house point cannot be underestimated. To manage to get a certificate for house points is truly magnificent. At NBS we award a bronze certificate for 50 house points, a silver certificate for 100 house points and a gold certificate for 200 house points. These points go towards the class totals which then are added into the whole school house point totals. The house points totals showed a tight race between Curie and Edison this week so every house point counts!